Cross-Border Injuries


The team of perso­nal injury lawy­ers at Elmer Lawy­ers are highly speci­a­lized in every kind of case regar­ding claims for perso­nal injuries. Over the past 20 years we have repre­sen­ted thous­ands of clients across Denmark, as well as resi­dents of other coun­tries who seek compen­sa­tion for their perso­nal injury.

Our team hand­les all claims of compen­sa­tion in Denmark including:

  • lndu­strial injuries at work
  • Traf­fic accidents
  • Claims due to medi­cal negligence
  • Claims regar­ding product liability
  • Other liabi­lity claims
  • Perma­nent disa­bi­lity insu­rance claims

We have a strong coope­ra­tion with law firms in other coun­tries also speci­a­lized in perso­nal injuries. They seek advice with us on Danish law and we in turn have access to advice from them on foreign law. We also assist each other with other matters on cross-border perso­nal injury cases.



We provide assi­stance to law firms and clients from other coun­tries and repre­sent the inju­red in all steps towards obtai­ning a fair compen­sa­tion for injuries occur­red in Denmark.

In other words we can assist in calcu­lat­ing the poten­tial compen­sa­tion accor­ding to Danish Law and to bring the claim forward to the liable part — be it either a private person, an autho­rity, a corpora­tion or an insu­rance company. We can also help to secure the best possible sett­le­ment or — if neces­sary — repre­sent the inju­red party in legal proce­e­dings both before the Danish Distri­cts Courts, the Danish High Courts and the Danish Supreme Court.

If you are a resi­dent in Denmark we can assist in provi­ding neces­sary legal advice in case you had an acci­dent abroad.


In gene­ral our fee is based on the hourly rates that apply to our lawy­ers. Before we get star­ted with your case, we will always send you an esti­mate of the costs. You will there­for be made aware of your econo­mic risk — also in light of your poten­tial compen­sa­tion for your perso­nal injury.

If your case turns out to be more complex than first esti­ma­ted we will contact you and inform you of the new econo­mic risk. You will there­for not be met with an unexpected bill.

Should your case end in court and you need us to repre­sent you, we will examine your right to obtain legal aid — either through a possible insu­rance policy and/or accor­ding to the Danish regu­la­tion on public legal aid.


Kira Kolby Christensen



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