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Elmer Advo­ka­ter and the Irish law firm Molo­ney & Co. Soli­ci­tors colla­bo­ra­tes on claims for compen­sa­tion for perso­nal injuries.

This means that any Danes inju­red in Ireland and any Irish person inju­red in Denmark, can get imme­di­ate legal exper­tise ensuring that any possible claim is properly inve­sti­ga­ted and hand­led. Elmer Advo­ka­ter and Molo­ney & Co. Soli­ci­tors will thus co-operate toget­her in these cases.

Molo­ney & Co. Soli­ci­tors with offi­ces in Dublin Ireland are speci­a­lists in dealing with all types of injury compen­sa­tion claims, to include inter­na­tio­nal travel injury claims. They have succes­sfully hand­led thous­ands of perso­nal injury actions for both Irish and Inter­na­tio­nal clients, and proud of their record as a Firm that fights hard for their clients and gets excel­lent results.

The types of cases Molo­ney & Co. Soli­ci­tors handle each year are as follows: -

  • Road Traf­fic Accidents
  • Acci­dents at Work
  • Medi­cal Negli­gence Claims
  • Slip, Trip and Fall Accidents
  • Cruise Ship Accidents
  • Aircraft Acci­dents
  • Acci­dents in Public Places

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