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Cross-broder injuries

The team of personal injury lawyers at Elmer Lawyers are highly specialized in every kind of case regarding claims for personal injuries

Over the past 20 years we have represented thousands of clients across Denmark, as well as residents of other countries who seek compensation for their personal injury.

Our team handles all claims of compensation in Denmark including:

  • lndustrial injuries at work

  • Traffic accidents

  • Claims due to medical negligence

  • Claims regarding product liability

  • Other liability claims

  • Permanent disability insurance claim

We have a strong cooperation with law firms in other countries also specialized in personal injuries. They seek advice with us on Danish law and we in turn have access to advice from them on foreign law. We also assist each other with other matters on cross-border personal injury cases.


We provide assistance to law firms and clients from other countries and represent the injured in all steps towards obtaining a fair compensation for injuries occurred in Denmark.

In other words we can assist in calculating the potential compensation according to Danish Law and to bring the claim forward to the liable part – be it either a private person, an authority, a corporation or an insurance company. We can also help to secure the best possible settlement or – if necessary – represent the injured party in legal proceedings both before the Danish Districts Courts, the Danish High Courts and the Danish Supreme Court.

If you are a resident in Denmark we can assist in providing necessary legal advice in case you had an accident abroad.


In general our fee is based on the hourly rates that apply to our lawyers. Before we get started with your case, we will always send you an estimate of the costs. You will therefor be made aware of your economic risk – also in light of your potential compensation for your personal injury.

If your case turns out to be more complex than first estimated we will contact you and inform you of the new economic risk. You will therefor not be met with an unexpected bill.

Should your case end in court and you need us to represent you, we will examine your right to obtain legal aid – either through a possible insurance policy and/or according to the Danish regulation on public legal aid.

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